Thursday, January 4, 2007

--what we have been is what we are--

are you ever see the cosmos. are you ever see your deep truly heart. if not why? or you never want to see it.
are you remember how old are you now, what pace did you trough, no really answer!. even i can't answer that question. if one of u can answer that. my great solutation to u.

i always think that my whole life is following the desteny and scrambled by wind.
in my home town. my old president Soekarno, - i have a nice fun read all his biography- he have a nick, the son of the dawn. people say that the son of the dawn have its own desteny and cannot be changed.

if that so, im also the son of the dawn
and what will be my desteny.

"life is like a box of chocolate, u never know berfore u taste it" forest gump

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